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Meet our Natural Sciences Curators

Senior Curator of Natural Science

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Overall responsibility for the Natural Sciences collections, building the collections and expanding the team of curators and research activities. Helen's particular focus is on developing, curating and researching the collection of freshwater invertebrates.

Senior Curator of Natural Sciences

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Overall responsibility for the Natural Sciences collections, and in particular the fossils, minerals, rocks and meteorites.

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Curator of Vertebrates

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Responsible for the vertebrate collection and wildlife art collection. Angela is partly retired, working on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Curator of Marine Invertebrates

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Bernard is responsible for building and curating the marine invertebrate collections in the Natural Sciences section. He publishes extensively on the taxonomy of nudibranch sea slugs and sponges and is the author of several species identification guides. Since 2014 he has been partly retired.

Curator of Botany 

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Rhonda is responsible for the botanical collection. Her main interests are in integrative taxonomy, species concepts, accelerating traditional taxonomic outputs and biodiversity conservation.