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Collaborative Doctoral Partnerships (CDP)

The Collaborative Doctoral Partnership (CDP) scheme of the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) is designed to encourage and develop collaboration between UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and non-HEI organisations like museums and galleries.

Under this route, specific organisations are allocated a cohort of AHRC-funded studentships, for which they can nominate individual doctoral projects jointly developed by museum staff and HEI partners. The CDP scheme is now in its fourth iteration (CDP4).

National Museums NI has identified several research priorities, including 'The Troubles and Beyond', 'Inclusive Global Histories', 'Understanding Environmental Change', 'Sustainable Built Heritage', 'Democratising the Museum', and 'Conflict, Peacebuilding, and Legacy of the Past in Education'. 

Through their research in these thematic areas, the selected students will play an active and instrumental role in fostering the organisation's commitment to impactful scholarship.

In addition to their research, the students will benefit from the comprehensive CDP Consortium training programme, designed to enhance their initial and continuing professional development. This holistic approach will develop their academic and professional skills, creating opportunities for future careers in the sector.

By participating in the Collaborative Doctoral Partnerships scheme, National Museums NI reaffirms its commitment to advancing knowledge, fostering innovation and expanding its role as a leading institution within the GLAM sector.